Let’s Play Volleyball

Let's Play Volleyball

Let’s Play VolleyballRound up some friends for and let’s play volleyball! Volleyball is a great sport that can be played anywhere there’s enough playing space to set up a net. A volleyball game can take place indoors and outdoors. The most popular outdoor place to play is at the beach. A volleyball team is a group of six players with the goal of grounding the ball on the opponent’s side of the net. Play begins when one player hits the volleyball over the net. The ball is hit back and forth until the ball hits the floor in what’s called a kill. Each team cannot touch the ball more than three-times before hitting it back to the opponent’s side. An individual player can not touch the ball twice in a row.

The two biggest move in volleyball are spiking and blocking, both are made at the top of the net. It takes teamwork of both offense and defensive playing to win the game. Let’s Play Volleyball has a net and volleyball with sporty text. This design is sporty and popular with volleyball players. These volleyball gifts are great for players, fans and supporters! Shop for volleyball gifts and let’s Play Volleyball!

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