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Shop Hate to Lose Mens Tennis GiftsOne of the great aspects of sport is that competitive element that drives us on to be the best that we can possibly be. That desire and determination to beat all others and be crowned the victor is what makes sports all across the world so entertaining. This is particularly relevant and easy to spot in the sport of tennis. The fact that tennis is played one on one ensures that the competitive element is at the absolute fore. There are no excuses in tennis like those that can be used in team sports – either you are better than your opponent on the other side of that net and you win, or else you are over matched and you lose. And, let’s face it, nobody likes to lose!

This will to win and hatred of losing is perfectly summed up in the Hate to Lose Mens Tennis design. Available on a multitude of different gift types, this design encapsulates everything that is great about the game of tennis. It features an image of a tennis player stretching and straining every sinew and muscle in attempting to return a shot. The words “I Hate To Lose More Than I Love To Win” are inscribed underneath the player. This pretty much sums what tennis is all about – doing everything that you physically can in order not to lose even a single point, knowing that while victory will taste sweet, defeat will be indeed a bitter pill to swallow!

Without this competitive element – this desire to win at all costs – tennis would not be half as enjoyable as it is. It is the desire to win on an individual stage that attracts so many people to this sport. Now, thanks to the Hate to Lose Tennis gifts, you can show all your friends just how seriously you take your tennis!

Hate to Lose Mens Tennis Gifts