Give Blood Play Rugby Gifts

Give Blood Play Rugby

Give Blood Play RugbyRugby is a very physical game where the players wear no safety gear like in American football. Each rugby team has 15 players, all with different duties within the team. The goal of a rugby team to touch the rugby ball in the opponent’s goal area or on their goal line. Doing this is worth five points and gives the team a chance for a conversion kick. The conversion kick is worth another two points. Penalty kicks are worth three points.

Rugby is becoming ever more popular in the United States as well as around the world. Give Blood Play Rugby Gifts features a rugby player with the rugby ball bursting through the design! Give Blood Play Rugby text and Ruck it slogan under the player. Ruck it refers to the players trying to get the rugby ball while it’s on the ground. Rugby is physical and often bloody due to being a high contact sport. With no safety equipment, one would not be surprised to see players a little bruised and bloody. Promote rugby and share your passion with Give Blood Play Rugby clothing and gifts!

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