Paint Ball Skull

Paint Ball Skull Gifts

Paintball is one of the most exhilarating, challenging and competitive leisure activities that there is. It perfectly combines the fun and excitement of chasing (or being chased by) friends around different types of terrain with the tiny element of fear that comes from the prospect of being shot. Another great feature of paint balling is […]

Paintball is My Sport Gifts

Shop Paintball is My Sport

Paintball is My Sport is a great series of paintball gifts for paintball players and fans! The sport of paintball consists of players or teams of players that try to eliminate each other by shooting the other with paint balls. The paintball is shot from a paintball gun and can hurt if not wearing protective […]

Paintball Player

Paintball Player

I have a good friend who loves paintball. He’s been an avid paintball player since he was young. Over the years he’s become very skilled at playing. The paintball protective equipment and paintball guns have evolved. Paintball guns have become quite accurate and the skill needed to be an elite paintball player has deepened. My […]

Extreme Paintball Warrior Gift Ideas

Extreme Paintball Warrior

This is one Extreme Paintball Warrior you do not want to cross on the paintball battlefield! This paintball warrior stepped out in camouflage with the paintball mask and a helmet on. He holds up his paintball gun and is ready for battle! Proudly show your love of paintball on and off the painted battlefield, you […]

Eat, Sleep and Play Paintball

Eat, Sleep and Play Paintball

Paintball can be a fast and furious sport or it can be slow, cold and calculated. Either way paintball players tend to love the sport of paintball. If your big paintball player or paintball fan eats, sleep and play paintball than these are the perfect gifts for you! Display your love of paintball! These eat, […]