Pool Player Racked Balls Gifts

Racked Billiard Balls

Racked Pool BallsPocket billiards is most commonly known as pool. Playing at the local bar has been the past time of many game lovers. Having a table in one’s home, such as a game room or den has become a status symbol. The game is easy to understand yet often difficult to execute. The typical table has 16 balls and six pockets. The goal of most games is to knock in the colored pool balls into the pockets. To do this one uses a cue stick and a white cue ball. The eight ball is normally the last ball to be knocked in. Sometimes the game rules state you have to knock in the balls in a certain order while other games it doesn’t matter.

This pool ball design is great for any players, or in some cases pool sharks! It’s a set of balls rack and ready to play.┬áIt doesn’t matter if you play at home for fun or if you’re a member of a pool league. Great pool player clothing and gifts for your favorite player, and a great way for you to support your favorite game!

Racked Pool Balls